Silica gel bottles should be how to maintain

by:TaiHai     2020-07-21

the traditional bottle is plastic, once all the rage, but with the development of silicone, silicone bottle industry on the market stage, the silica gel bottles is to use liquid silicone material production, and has excellent performance characteristics, such as, safety, high temperature resistant, resistant to fall off, and so on. Currently has a good sales in the market, do you know how to maintain, maintenance method is as follows:

a, cleaning method

first of all, to put the silica gel bottles apart, silicone bottle structure with dust cover, the pacifier, teeth, handle, straws and bottle. Removed after cleaning every part, because of just bought back the silicone bottle top so there will be a bacteria first time clean. Second is to choose a brush, silicone bottle to use the material is soft and elastic material, hardness is not high, sponge brush or cotton material should be used when cleaning cloth to clean. Finally is the choice of detergent, because the silica gel belongs to high polymer material, have very strong adsorption, if choose nonferrous lotion, can lead to the silicone color, affect beautiful; So let's choose special detergent.

2, note

1. Don't use the microwave sterilization, easy to cause the silicone bottle and the damage to the microwave
2, don't close to the fire and high temperature metal
3, please send the pacifier stored in a cool, dry and out of reach of babies, and avoid direct sunlight.
3, in the process of using the

1, before using, thoroughly wash with water, and the sterilization pot or put into boiling water disinfection before using no more than 5 minutes.
2, before each use, check the pacifier for cracks or teeth marks, if there is damage to replace new pacifier.
3, when required, please make sure the temperature inside the bottles, don't too much
4, in use process if found flat nose phenomenon, to increase the pacifier suction holes and air holes.

to sum up, although there are many advantages of silica gel bottles, but to buy back the silica gel bottles or must carry on the correct maintenance, silica gel bottles clean and avoid damage, etc. , without proper maintenance, can cause the damage of the silica gel bottles and it will affect the health of the baby, so proposal, should be treated with caution, pay attention to maintenance.

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