Silica gel bottles gradually become a new favorite baby market

by:TaiHai     2020-09-02

the silicone bottle with a certain degree of changes in market, PC bottle down line gradually, some western countries found that BPA was toxic chemicals. In the PC bottle containing such chemicals, prompted a new bottle market reshuffle, and silica gel bottles will become the new substitute.

silica gel bottles is a kind of silicone products, mainly USES the food grade silica gel high temperature vulcanization molding, now with less share in the market. According to the small make up to silicone products manufacturer, PC bottle has been occupying bottle market dominance, almost eighty percent of the market share, and now a sudden PC bottles containing BPA new shuffle chemicals cause the whole market.

according to the analysis of material silica gel bottles and PC bottle contrast, silica gel more environmentally friendly, more secure, silica gel is a kind of new materials, has attracted much attention in the western developed countries. In the silicone products manufacturer, silica gel bottles instead of PC bottle is the choice of the market, is also a kind of inevitable trend.

the above the market at present there are several kinds of bottles, PC bottle, glass bottle, and silica gel bottles, including PC bottle accounted for 80% of the entire market share, relatively speaking, the silicone cost slightly more expensive than PC material, but do not contain BPA, don't shout plasticizer, don't shout toxic substances, is a kind of environmentally safe non-toxic materials. And the glass bottle is fragile, make silicone bottle in several bottles stand out. In fact in the rubber industry, not only is silica gel to replace the PC bottle bottle, a lot of silicone products will gradually become the new products for market appeared on the shelves.

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