Share two common map drawing of silicone products

by:TaiHai     2020-09-03

for customized silicone products is the most commonly used method, rubber and plastic industry, in addition to the new design product generally use physical sample or the exact data of 3 d figure, but also has a lot of 3 d diagram types, a variety of formats. The most common is the two ways for drawing design customized silicone products.

1. Industrial modeling

for industrial modeling, commonly used have STEP, IGS, PROE, UG, the four format is a commonly used type of drawing and modeling software industry. If customers have a physical sample, it need to do the same products, that is a replica of the process, this kind of silicone products can do it. When silica gel products factory after receiving the customer's samples, the first is to copy, copy number is in fact the model of the product with a laser scanner to obtain size data. This is currently in our country is a method to get data accurately,

2. Professional design engineers drawing

and then another is drawn through professional design engineers. Through a standard measurement tool to measure the specific size, using a drawing program to draw 2 d floor plan, and then gets the three-dimensional 3 d images. Whether real or accurate 3 d figure, after the software has some differences in data conversion between, some even damage data, lead to can't open the image file, this kind of situation usually it's best to be open to the same software.

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