Several kinds of rubber extrusion temperature

by:TaiHai     2020-08-08

as a rubber products manufacturer, to provide several rubber extrusion temperature data, only supplies the reference:

1, natural rubber, barrel temperature; 40 - 60. The nose temperature; 75 - 85. The mouth temperature; 90 - 95.

2, styrene-butadiene rubber, barrel temperature; 40 - 50. The nose temperature; 70 - 80. The mouth temperature; 90 - 100.

3, butyl rubber, barrel temperature; 30 - 40. The nose temperature; 60 - 90. The mouth temperature; 90 - 110.

4, nitrile rubber, barrel temperature; 30 - 40, the nose temperature; 65 - 90, mouth temperature; 90 - 110.

5, neoprene, barrel temperature; 20 - 25. The nose temperature; 50 - 60; The mouth temperature; 70

that is several rubber extrusion temperature, extrusion temperature parameters of other EPDM EPDM, can provide detailed information, please continue to pay attention to the rubber.

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