Rubber Strip

Taihai rubber and plastic can produce different types of products according to customers' requirements. Specializing in the production of various types of EPDM (EPDM) rubber sealing strip, EPDM sponge (foam) sealing strip and close-grained - sponge - steel reinforced composite four composite sealing strip, sealing strip, and dense - rubber - electrostatic flocking sealing strip, PVC/CPVC/ABS/TPE material extrusion composite article, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sealing, decoration, natural (NR) sealing strip, chloroprene rubber (CR) sealing strip, nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) seals, silicone seals (SR), window of model steel door sealing strip damping sealing strip, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, doors and Windows, automatic door sealing strip, building curtain wall rubber article, setPacking sealing strip, refrigerator car sealing strip, sealing strip, cold storage box car door sealing strip, automotive sealing strip, glass chute door, door sponge manger, windshield sealing strip, glass doors and Windows sealing strip, car doors and Windows sealing strip, train, subway, high-speed train sealing strip, sealing strip, sealing strip of lamps and lanterns, security door seal, mechanical seal, flame retardant gaskets, conductive gaskets, insulation glue, adhesive type sealing strip, door and window sealing strip (with glue) E, P, D, O, V, U, J, L type, general type of epdm foam flexible sealing strip, sealing strip color, electrical sealing strip,Cabinet seals, cupboard door sealing strip, special corner decoration article, rubber sealing strip (PVC), styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile foam (plate), polyurethane foam board (article), EVA foam board (article), EPE foam board (article), the SPE foam board (article), PE foam board (article), rubber and plastic foam board (article), rubber foam board (article), polystyrene foam board (article), roads, railways, Bridges, textile rubber expansion joint series, the steel wire rubber hose, rubber hose, fabric hose nitrile oil resistant, resistant to high school low pressure rubber hose, rubber hose, silicone tube, all kinds of automotive epdm rubber hose, all kinds of rubber, rubber products, rubber seals (pad) professional manufacturers of products.

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