Rubber Seal Gasket

Rubber seal (seal) is a kind of common basic element in sealing device.Solve leakage and sealing problems in the process of human conquest of nature.It has been an important way to promote technological progress, prevent and reduce environmental pollution.Rubber seal is a kind of widely used rubber products in sealing technology.Because rubber has a precious elastic polymer material, a wide temperature range, in different media to give a small stress will produce a large deformation, this deformation can provide contact pressure, leakage gap compensation, to achieve the purpose of sealing.

Main products currently have rubber seal, rubber gasket, flange gaskets, rubber damping block, rubber o-rings, V, X, Y type ring, all kinds of forms, such as size, color, hardness and material of rubber products, gaskets, rubber, rubber plate, o-rings, rectangle, round plastic beads, plastic beads, diamond square pad, oil pad, double sealing ring, flange, box, method, block, flat O, glue barrel, long box, etc.

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