Rubber mixing process tips

by:TaiHai     2020-08-04

the specific processing property of rubber mixing process has its own unique, but you're welcome to say that many rubber processing enterprises are only remain in the just will rubber additives blending rubber, the qualified phase. It can control the majority are two aspects of rheological and hardness, and the back end of the rubber vulcanization performance and the quality stability, often only by sulfide production in hindsight, but at this point, what is done cannot be undone, found the problem, rubber and many times it is difficult to restore.

as a silicone rubber products manufacturers, in fact, as early as at the beginning of the mixing process can be the best, we can control the factors of the possible adverse control within the scope of the controllable. With the development of equipment and technology, to provide qualified rubber rubber, ensure excellent rubber product quality and product percent of pass, more and more are our rubber mixing technical personnel need to face major problems. This confused the reasons, the following share under lean rubber mixing process tip:

a, easy to control, many enterprises are now control the temperature and the mixer for blanking time. Control both, of course, has its necessary rationality. But it is not the most appropriate choice, to ensure the uniform consistency of the rubber, rubber that focus on the mixing control current stable to be more objective. Because when rubber mixer evenly, the load will be stabilized, basically stable, also reflected in the current materials at this time, rubber has been basically mixing evenly. At present the company refined JiaoGong person's experience is different, control temperature or time is easy to control, but due to different formula, feeding temperature and different season, different, only control time or temperature, then it is difficult to control the stability of the rubber, it will need to improve the professional level of refined JiaoGong, training them by observing the real situation, to control the mixing time and temperature.

2, the above said material under the temperature and time, although we do not advocate according to temperature, but must pay attention to when they rubber mixing control temperature, so the rubber mixing, there are a few points must be considered. First you need to know to is a safe operating temperature range of different analysing; Followed by the formula are prone to accumulate within heating material need adjustment according to the actual process sequence; Finally, the mixer temperature control ( Cooling) The system is functioning normally.

3, in view of the resin or rubber blend, although you pitch the shear force is bigger, but if when you pitch mixer, the minimum volume is not enough, also can affect the quality of the rubber, visited pays attention to a lot of rubber mixing process manufacturers have ignored this point. Given the minimum volume of evaluation is bad, think for this kind of formula, suggest to rubber and resin or plastic for bulk blends, masterbatch colored with, can ensure the stable quality of the rubber. ( Recommend browsing: silicon rubber products of the function and advantages and disadvantages of coumarone resin)

4, white carbon black for coarser, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide and other substances, because they are not good disperse in rubber, and easy absorption of chao, so often uneven dispersion in the rubber, produce white dots. To solve these problems, it is suggested that the solution. First of all, the above material after the bag is opened, the best one-time use up, if you can't run out of, the bags must be tied tightly. Secondly, in view of the materials such as magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, whether mixing or mixer, should avoid to join in cold roll, because of the cold roll, they are easily on the roll or cluster on the examination paper, scattered unevenly. Again, these material for inorganic substance, can not achieve the purpose of dispersed evenly by raising the temperature, and can only be scattered by the effect of mechanical shear force uniform, so the material feeding, should as far as possible in the front, after fully mixed with them, to join other substances, especially pay attention to not with softening oil mixed with together.

five, in recent years, some materials with the method of granulation, is also a good direction to improve adhesive material is not stable.

the above views are for reference only, more about rubber mixing process tips, please dail directly the telephone of customer service: 0755 - 28230704/13392830612, focus on the rubber's official website: http://www. gdtaihai。 com。

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