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Rubber industry is gradually replaced by TPV you know?

by:TaiHai     2020-08-03

small make up today saw a news in the outside, About the rubber industry trend gradually replaced by TPV) Have feelings, because small make up company called shenzhen rubber products co. , LTD. Is a do silicone rubber products factory; In line with their responsibilities and interests for the company, want to share with you what I see and think of.

see is probably: 'as the country for the limitation of disposable materials, unless the rubber can solve the problem of the recycle, otherwise, sooner or later replaced by other materials, although the short term will not be replaced, such as tires hard to avoid future research and development of new materials will be replaced. 'I believe you also see feel some requirements is not high on the elastomer materials such as car has been eliminated the rubber sealing strip, switch to TPV.

small make up according to the engineering summarizes some advantages and disadvantages of the TPV here to share with you, I ask you greatly, by the way, from rubber to TPV what need to pay attention to: ( About silicone rubber together what are the advantages? )

TPV advantages

1, TPV easy coloring, can make all sorts of color of material, convenient inferior smooth surface, the feel is exquisite and soft;

2, has the high elasticity of rubber and plastic plasticity, can easily out of injection molding, extrusion and blowing the required shape, and scrap pieces of what can be recycled waste does not affect the material performance;

3, can match in excellence the weatherability of rubber, acid and alkali resistance and ozone resistance, but mechanical properties with the rubber or can't, in addition to the elongation at break;

4, almost no car paint spray frost and pollution problems;

5, hardness 40 a - adjustable range is very wide also 50 d almost can do;

6, the product reaches the discarded recyclable, avoids the problem of environmental pollution;

TPV faults:

1, the tensile strength, compression and wear resistance is the performance of the TPV dust;

2, production of TPV technology and the formula is more complex, want to mass production still need certain optimization, the country's largest now do is shandong dawn, annual output is likely to be 1 wt, far cannot meet domestic demand for TPV;

3, VOC, smell, and atomization, though better than rubber, but it is not enough, need to improve;

4, TPV injection more complex products is difficult.

the advantages and disadvantages of the above is my TPV do not know to have a sense of crisis, you I feel full of crisis anyway, don't know is which day of unemployment for no apparent reason, baby so worried. . . !

but, listen to the za rubber engineer said: 'TPV won't solve is its shortcomings, in the condition of high temperature it is do not want to replace rubber, estimated to wait for don't know when, but the fuel pipe system except soft connection ( Damping and energy absorption) Otherwise is no hope, so you don't have to panic. '

seems to be some truth, but small make up that: although the TPV cannot substitute, which day do you sometime to develop a new type of TPV can replace? In theory, can! I mean as long as the main problem of rubber available to say anything, if not solve have replaced one day in the morning and evening, even the material more expensive than rubber, in time for the pressure will force the use of national policy. The environmental pressure is more and more big, the renewable recyclable is a big direction!

below small make up recommend for you about silicone material under article:

the silicone raw materials according to the performance points can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel

the properties of the silicone material

silicone rubber can meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials

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