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Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber ( RTV) The problems existing in the classification and characteristics of the RTV and scope of application

by:TaiHai     2020-09-28

1, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber ( RTV)

  1. The classification and characteristics of RTV 1

RTV according to its material composition and reaction mechanism can be roughly divided into three categories: one-component RTV, bicomponent condensation RTV and two-component RTV molding.

  1. 1. 1 one-component RTV

one-component RTV vulcanization reaction is to rely on with the moisture in the air and sulfide into elastomer. The curing time depends on the vulcanization system, temperature, humidity and the thickness of the silicone rubber layer. But because of its sulfide is in accordance with the lazy water in the atmosphere, make the thickness of the vulcanizates was limited, only for special occasions will need the following 6 mm thickness. So they can be used for adhesives and sealants.

  1. 1. 2 type two-component condensation RTV

type two-component condensation RTV vulcanization reaction not by moisture in the air, but by catalyst for cause. Monomer hydroxy of silicone rubber ( - 哦) Condensation formation water, formation - at the same time Si- O- Si- The key. Type the RTV ingeneral, ozone, weathering resistance and simple usage, technology applicability, therefore, is suitable for deep potting material.

  1. 1. 3 bicomponent RTV molding

add two-component RTV molding curing mechanism of sulfide is based on organic silicon rubber end based on vinyl ( Or allyl) And cross-linking agent on the silicon hydrogen addition reaction ( Hydrogen silicide reaction) To complete. In the reaction, don't release by-products. Because in the process of alternating chain not emit low molecular, so add RTV molding does not produce contraction in the vulcanization process.

this kind of vulcanizates non-toxic, high mechanical strength, has excellent resistance to hydrolysis stability ( Even under the high pressure steam) , good low compression deformation, low combustion, deep sulfide, and the curing rate can be controlled with temperature, etc; Water resistance, ozone resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance and weathering resistance and other advantages. It can be - 60 ~ 200 ℃ temperature range. Is the field of high voltage insulation commonly used models. At the same time, also widely used in electrical and electronic components of the filling and sealing materials, instruments and meters, moisture, shock, resistance to high and low temperature filling and sealing materials and civil materials waterproof coating, etc.

running characteristics of RTV

in recent years, wuhan high voltage research institute of hebei, gansu and other places to run the RTV pollution flashover dope performance were studied.

the test results show that the RTV coating after long time operation still can maintain good performance, the test results and the new RTV coatings performance are basically identical. And after the operation of RTV coating hydrophobic composite insulator is good, the measured hydrophobic were HC1 level.

the current problems of RTV:

easy peeling, cracking,

, about five to eight years of life.

, various performance has a big gap compared with the other two kinds of silicone rubber

RTV in its period of validity, in weather resistance, acid and alkali resistant, hydrophobic and hydrophobic mobility, or has a good stability.

but only about 50000 Moore, RTV molecular mass less than 10% of HTV and LSR, its structural characteristics determine its mechanical strength, electrical strength and service life of the lower than other two kinds of silicone rubber:

mechanical strength, the tensile less than 10 n/mm, less than 200% elongation at break, permanent tensile deformation of more than 20%, which will lead to prone to permanent deformation or rupture, the umbrella skirt easily broken or, triggering creepage flashover;


electric intensity, the breakdown strength, volume resistivity and surface resistivity was lower than those of other two kinds of silicone rubber, especially electrical erosion resistance is poorer, conventional only 1 a2. 5 kv; Long-term operation especially in the heavy polluted areas, the surface will soon crack due to galvanic effect, embrittlement or pulverization.

, life is short, only 5 ~ 8 years. Because of its low molecular weight, such as running in high temperature, high radiation area, in the ultraviolet irradiation and electric erosion and environmental factors of multiple effect, will further reduce the service life.

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