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Return to work "battle" 丨 Taihai promotes return to work and production in an orderly manner, escorting the economy, and the "epidemic" is inevitable!


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. A new type of coronavirus is raging. Everyone's house has a frightening Spring Festival at home, and the time for companies to resume work has been postponed. After a long version of the Spring Festival holiday, people across the country The desire to return to work is even more urgent. On February 10, Taihai started the first batch of enterprises to return to work "combat" to provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control.

New crown pneumonia is severe. Taihai has always followed the relevant national policies. In response to the national call, and to ensure the health of employees and delay the resumption of work, company leaders are concerned about the safety of each employee, and call each employee during the Spring Festival to inquire about their health. The situation has a certain impact on the national economy. Taihai pays close attention to the development of the epidemic, cooperates with the relevant inspections and publicity work of various government departments, consolidates the epidemic prevention measures, and resolutely wins the smoke-free war.

To resume work and production, first of all, to ensure the safety of employees, Taihai cleans every corner of the factory area to achieve comprehensive disinfection without hygienic dead corners. Offices entering and exiting between departments need to spray alcohol at the door before disinfection. All employees measure one day. 4 The second body temperature ensures that there is no abnormality in the body. Workers are equipped with masks. They enter the dining room to receive meals in batches during mealtime. Taihai employees gradually return to the factory to work. Some employees who have not returned to the factory also work online from home, without delaying the work process. Taihai actively cooperates with the epidemic prevention and control work. At this difficult time, protecting yourself is the greatest contribution to society.

Every enterprise is a brick and tile building the high-rise building of the national economy. In the face of the epidemic, no one can survive alone. While Taihai resumes production and resumes work, it strictly implements epidemic prevention and control to ensure resumption and prevention of epidemic diseases. Taihai reminds the Chinese people It is important to raise awareness of prevention, effectively prevent new types of coronavirus, wash hands frequently in the room, wear masks to cover mouth and nose, gather less, and drink more water. All the staff of Taihai are committed to the city. With more firm confidence, more tenacious will, fight together "Outbreak", resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

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