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Rapidly improve the efficiency of silica gel regeneration gaze at the three elements

by:TaiHai     2020-08-29

a lot of people at the time of silica gel regeneration recovery has been couldn't get on, look at 3 o 'clock to rapidly improve the recovery rate.

___________ silica gel regeneration temperature:

when drying regeneration should be paid attention to gradually raise the temperature, in order to avoid severe dry cause colloidal particle cracking, reduce the recovery.

2. Silica gel regeneration color:

the silica gel regeneration, roasting temperature is too high will cause the silica gel pore structure change and significantly reduce its adsorption effect, affect the use value. For the blue gel indicator or discolor silica gel, stripping regeneration temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃, otherwise you will lost due to gradual oxidation agent color effect.

3. Silica gel regeneration screen in addition to the particle

after the regeneration of silica gel shall generally be sieve to remove fine particles, in order to make uniform particles.

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