Quickly understand the working principle of the silicone keyboard

by:TaiHai     2020-08-22

quickly understand the working principle of the silicone keyboard

you may not be necessary to realize this, but in the past few days you are likely to use the silicone keyboard. There are many computers, telephones, calculators and rely on the silicone keypad to perform its basic functions.
the silicone keyboard may not look like any special outside, but they are actually used to keep different electronic equipment normal operation of the complex tools.

the working principle of the silicone keyboard

all silicone keyboard work style is different. But usually, each keyboard through electronic projects around the switch center formed into the Angle of the band.
when you press a button in the silicone keyboard, the ribbon will be deformation, deformation when it happened, will produce the so-called tactile feedback. Then, when you press the release button when, silicone keyboard will return to its original shape, there will be no tactile feedback.
this simple operation will lead to electronic screen letters, Numbers or other symbols.

at present not all electronic products using silicone keyboard, but because of their advantages, there are a lot of to do so. A big advantage is the silicone keyboard by a layer of silicon, can prevent dirt and dust into them.
it can prevent moisture influences of these types of keyboard. For standard keyboard, if too much dust or dirt or any water enter it will stop working, and then can't say that.

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