Qualified silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is what kind of

by:TaiHai     2020-07-21

made about using silica gel tableware has been our concern, after all, now the development of science and technology is fast, light, comfortable, not rusty gradually take the place of iron, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances that today we have to know what is a qualified silicone kitchen utensils?

high silica gel adsorption material is a kind of sexual material, silicone rubber color is not transparent, white amorphous material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to the strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material. High adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability. Because of its good stability and resistance to high temperature and low temperature in particular, so you can use the microwave heating without deformation or releasing toxic substances, also can put in freezer refrigeration.

silicon is non-toxic tasteless, but silicon shovel shape must add vulcanizing machine, so there are still a little flavor, and high temperature sealing silicone shovel, is a matter of taste, after boiling water can be removed, after the food grade silica gel and vulcanizing machine is harmless to the human body.

the silicone tableware is more and more accepted by the family at home and abroad, especially the young generation are seldom used plastic tableware and hardware cutlery, what are the benefits of the silica gel tableware? Mainly include the following:

1, silica gel tableware, the most obvious advantage is able to withstand the high temperature of 230 ℃, and can keep its original shape;
2, silica gel tableware is soft, the security is higher, will not cause damage, so you can have the effect of anti broke;
3, color bright, good-looking appearance, regardless of color or style are the public preferred;
4, food-grade silicone products have good compatibility and the human body, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless;
5, silica gel tableware can make the color of tableware diversification, no longer drab ceramic tableware, faces everyday;
6, silica gel tableware has good hydrophobic, permeability and still can anti-aging, can let the tableware use longer;
7, convenient cleaning titanium coating, etc, and can be compared with no friction noise, reduce noise and noise when cleaning;
8, can directly into the microwave and dishwasher to clean.

based on the above these advantages, it is not hard to see the silicone tableware has no effect on the body, and later will be more widely in our life.
small sprout silicone life focus on silicone rubber production experience reminds: 25 years as a kind of silicone kitchen utensils and household cooking class life appliance, its security is very important, in the choose and buy when we have to find regular vendors to buy, need to have food grade environmental protection product certification test report, or the FDA, LFGB certification test report of raw material, in the choose and buy when we should also pay attention to choose suitable for their own use of kitchen utensils and appliances, to distinguish between the use of a single kitchen utensils and appliances. The silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is not only high temperature resistant, easy to clean and environmental protection non-toxic, kitchen utensils and appliances is a kind of security is extremely strong. Silica gel is non-toxic tasteless, if there is peculiar smell, does not exclude the substandard, suggested that do not use. Rubber additives products co. , LTD.
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