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PVC material will be ended by silica gel to replace

by:TaiHai     2020-09-03

the PVC material is one of the largest general plastic production in the world, is widely applied. In building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, artificial leather, pipe, wire and cable, etc, are widely used. Basic harmless to human body, but slowly replaced by rising star silica gel products, especially abroad, silicone products and even can be used as a kitchen utensils and appliances, visible how popular. Then look at what are the advantages and the difference between the two?

1, from the material itself, PVC products is mainly composed of PVC powder ( Polyvinyl chloride) And oil, color paste mixed mixing raw materials made by trace injection glue process heating cooling, silica gel products is mainly composed of silicone raw materials and some chemical elements such as pigment color paste through the rubber mixing machine mixing, made the required hydraulic press hitches in mould heating cooling molding material. Silica gel has the branch of liquid silicone and solid silica gel.

2, from the point of view of product appearance, PVC products relatively less rough, silicone products and slightly unpleasant smell, silicone product surface is smooth, colour and lustre, no smell.

3, judging from the handle, silica gel products more texture soft, good toughness and elasticity, PVC soft rubber relatively little hard, but the hardness are adjustable.

(4), environmental protection, PVC material with ordinary materials and environmental protection materials, also called ATBC - PVC and silicone itself is environmental protection, the silicone product market prospect is very good.

the silicone material is better than PVC material, silicone material cost is higher than PVC, liquid silica gel is higher than that of solid silica gel. Good weather resistance, silica gel products not yellowing, can export product testing by the European Union and other countries. Now also in slowly to accept the new material.

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