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Product category why silicone products belong to life

by:TaiHai     2020-07-19

when we are in all the wraps the keyword search silicone products, belongs to the category of basically belongs to articles for daily use, and we know it is not just used as medical in life, involves the silica gel products are all factory in all walks of life, so why silicone mostly belongs to articles for daily use class?
since the early 1980 s, the silica gel products technology is introduced into our country, basically, in the life commodity categories, a large piece of products replaced by silicone raw materials; Now, after decades of development, not only have some daily necessities of life is made of silicone products, and some kitchen utensils and appliances is adopted with silica gel combination of design and development idea.
the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances may be you can't think of at the application of components, it is a hardware kitchen utensils and appliances with silica gel products or plastic accessories material combination of new kitchen utensils; Is also a kind of new material of kitchen utensils and appliances category; Adopt the design of the silicone kitchen has a unique feature, it has the environmental protection, high temperature resistant, soft, be able to bear or endure dirty, non-stick oil, such as performance, in the middle of the kitchen utensils and appliances, this kind of design basic solved the shortcoming of traditional kitchenware.
the silicone products

in our daily life, silica gel products or more, but basically is combined with other parts of the application of several common silica gel everyday items such as the following:

the silicone kitchen supplies category: cup, bowl, belt, spoon, brush, cake mold, ice, cover, shovel, gloves, kneading dough bag, LouDou. Silica gel supplies category: wash your face brush, wallet, tablecloths, tea, hair clips, perfumes, cigarette case, zipper, door stop. Silicone accessories category: cases, elastic, bracelets, necklaces, watches, bags, key sets, luggage tag, electronic case.

why silicone products can be a lot of silicone products used in everyday life supplies?
this is because the chemical components and physical structure of the silicone itself is relative to the research and development of some articles for daily use is very consistent with the material, and because of that, it also determines its material the difference, the main characteristics of the silicone products displays in: adsorption, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc. Silicone products as a kind of modern industrial society with one of the products, which often are widely used in precision instruments, leather, clothing, food, and electrical appliances industries.
. Now you should know why silicone products can be life commodity categories!
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