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Process share _ silicone rubber mixing process

by:TaiHai     2020-09-09

the silicone rubber mixing process for forming solid silicone rubber products is very, very important, so the silicone products manufacturer for you on solid silicone rubber products rubber mixing process is how to produce rubber molding.

rubber mixing is a relatively strong technology, people don't usually also is unable to complete the work, silica gel products manufacturers slowly coming to you.

refined selection of collagen materials:

rubber mixing the busy staff in molding workshop for each of the machine is used for us to provide the different colors and shapes of rubber, raw materials for rubber mixing preparation is also very important, according to all products of hardness and tensile strength, and use to choose different raw materials.

rubber mixing processing requirements:

general solid silicone rubber raw material hardness range between 30 to 90 degrees, the color of the equipartition allocate, according to the color of the product concentration and the amount of raw materials to allocate the dosage of the glue, placed above the mixer for mixing, when paired with a use of vulcanizing machine heat moulding machine made products.

rubber mixing vulcanizing agent requirements:

for the use of vulcanizing agent is also one of the most important rubber additives, without adding curing agent are not familiar with the product will be made, then, for a lot of silicone products manufacturer, the phenomenon of the product package or not cooked wind is also the problem of sulfide, add too much with too little, vulcanization time expired, and so on.

rubber mixing forming steps:

ready before mixing rubber finishing cut off and the thickness of rubber, let the machine units use the reasonable sizing effectively prevent the waste of raw materials and lack of material phenomena,

after mixing evenly distribute on rubber cutting machine cutting glue, for not cut into different length and width of rubber products, evenly placed in dry place.


rubber mixing process is basically the craft, but seemingly simple process still contains a lot of technical problems, so if you need to understand before I can know how the silicone rubber products processing complete!

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