O the effect of silicone seal and his amount of compression

by:TaiHai     2020-08-17

o silicone the role of sealing ring and the compression quantity

0 silicone seal as a component is widely used now, science today give you about his role, and how much is the amount of compression.

o silicone seal is a kind of dual role packing element

the fixed seal or dynamic seal applications, different kinds o silicone seal provides designers with a packing element was effective and economic. O the silicone seal is a

two-way sealing element. When installation, initial radial or axial compression, gives o the initial seal of the silicone seal their ability. By the system pressure and production

raw seal force and initial seal force synthesis overall sealing force, it along with the increase of system pressure. O silicone sealing ring in static seal, shows the highlight of the

. In dynamic appropriate occasion, however, o silicone seal also has often been used, but it is limited to the speed and pressure of seal.

all kinds of rubber type o sealing ring compression amount

all kinds o silicone rubber sealing ring compression general mainly depends on the amount of materials and the hardness of the rubber type o sealing ring, if the hardness is 70 type o sealing ring

degrees, so the amount of compression rubber type o sealing ring is equal to 20%.

of course, the lower the hardness of the rubber type o sealing ring, the greater the amount of compression, it is mainly used for low pressure. The rubber type o sealing ring of

the higher hardness, the less the amount of compression, it is mainly used for high pressure, high voltage, small resistance of environment use. By analogy, you can get what you need

any hardness, the amount of compression rubber type o sealing ring material.

rubber type o sealing ring of different material, amount of compression is different also, general material NBR NBR, NR, natural rubber, CR neoprene,

EPDM EPDM, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber, SILICOME silica gel, the SBR styrene-butadiene rubber, Buna Buna, acrylate rubber

ACM, the amount of compression rubber type o sealing ring or can be calculated by 20%. If it is special material FKM, VITON, fluorine rubber, PU, FLS silicon fluorine rubber

rubber, polyurethane, the material of type o silicone seal compression quantity is calculated on the 15%.

hope these can help you to explore the effects of type 0 silicone sealing ring and the compression quantity, can know more about when to buy, welcome customized, price concessions, quality assurance,

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