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New type of silicone rubber the health and safety of use

by:TaiHai     2020-07-30

NY special organic silicon products, the company has introduced a line TUFSIL silicone rubber molding and extrusion moulding health, safety and food processing application of component design. TUFSIL ® is a special organic silicon is mainly used for manufacturing part breathing masks, tubing, and the other part to contact with the skin, or used in health care and food processing and other industries. The product line is designed and developed by special organic silicon platinum catalyst for curing. Vulcanized rubber with a low surface viscosity tight surface curing, produce Gao Chengpin tear strength. TUFSIL ® silicone rubber in a range of hardness is 30 ~ 80 hardness ( Shaw A) Can be mixed to provide middle hardness meet all kinds of specifications, and the application requirements. Special organic silicon manufacturers and end users to provide support for the technology and production, including product modification, parts design, prototype mold design, the specification complete certification. The product conforms to the strict international organization for standardization ( ISO) And the United States pharmaceutical ( USP) Grade VI standard and special organic silicon products are a variety of organic silicon industry full-service engineering materials manufacturers. The company is registered as ISO9001, and provides the technology and manufacture of all products, including silicone elastomer, lubricating oil, molding parts and laboratory services. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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