New enhancements of the specifications of the conductive silicone rubber gasket

by:TaiHai     2020-08-23

now offer. 020 'and. Thick fabric enhanced nickel - 032'
graphite filled conductive silicone rubber, used for EMI shielding gasket with narrow cross section. Fabric reinforced material enhances the filling of durability and dimensional stability of the conductive silicone elastomer, it tends to have low resistance to tear.

新力- 556 - R is a 65 hardness of conductive silicone, seal used for EMI and environment. Enhance be metallized fabric in order to enhance the Z axis of the composite conductivity, compared with the high performance silver filling silicone elastomer is beneficial.

新力- 540 - R is a softer version, the use of 40 hardness tester, which is a better fit.

新力- 540 - R and SNE - 556 - R all use 12 'and 15' wide continuous roll manufacturing, can produce large washers, without connectors. For the standard thickness. 020 'and. 032 ';
custom thickness are available.

of nickel plating graphite filling silicone elastomer in up to 2 GHz frequencies provides more than 100
dB shielding performance. Nickel plating graphite materials for cost sensitivity and high performance commercial and defense projects especially attractive. Common applications include portable communications, power supply and need IP64, IP65, IP66 and IP67 sealed and EMI attenuation of the display.
- nickel Graphite filling silicone gaskets can provide 3 m 9713 conductive acrylic adhesive and 3 m
9719 conductive silicone adhesive, suitable for the application of adhesive backing may be helpful in assembly process. By adding fabric reinforced material, the durability of the material and size stability is improved significantly.

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