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Natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber

by:TaiHai     2020-08-07

natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber that how to distinguish between three types of rubber.

is natural rubber latex from many plants, high molecular weight hydrocarbons and by chemical coagulation, by drying, electric coagulation and other methods. The most important producers were brasiliensis.
in addition to hydrocarbon, wild rubber latex also contains a small amount of protein, carbohydrate, resin material, mineral salts and fatty acids.
these other components in part as a natural accelerator and antioxidant effect and give does not exist in the pure hydrocarbon products processing performance.

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synthetic rubber is usually the term, in fact is not correct, for different polymer chemistry with characteristics of the rubber sample. Because the term rubber is suitable for the original products, so. Synthetic rubber polyisoprene, terms should be strictly limited to only synthetic natural rubber ( Cis 1, 4 - Poly (isoprene) 。 For polymer with characteristics of rubber, it does not have the same structure and natural rubber, has put forward the term synthetic rubber, chemical rubber or synthetic rubber. In modern art, the term specified on the rubber no longer refers to the chemical products, but involves the physical properties, therefore has the similar properties to natural rubber all synthetic polymer can therefore be classified as rubber performance.

in general, to say the synthetic rubber do not have all the quality of natural rubber, but their special qualities that make them more than the natural rubber is suitable for some applications, and they has gained significant importance technology.

reclaimed rubber is made by one of several ways to dispose of vulcanized rubber, making it into a plastic again and on a grinding machine processing and mixed with raw rubber rubber compounds.

reclaimed rubber contains original compound ingredients, in addition to not combine or free of sulfur. It first for economy to reduce manufacturing costs. However, found that in addition to its low cost but also has other advantages. It smashed to chew, and the rolling and extrusion. It has good effect. Use the amount of change, to a great extent only based on the reclaimed rubber and some compounds. However, some of the adverse influence of reclaimed rubber vulcanization machine performance. Therefore, it is not used for tear strength or tensile strength and high wear resistance. Recommended products: epdm reclaimed rubber

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