MPU high-performance mixed type polyurethane rubber is what

by:TaiHai     2020-08-12

polyurethane rubber, since its launch in the 1950 s, in order to widely used in gaskets, tires, rubber roller, etc. , but the MPU mixing type high performance polyurethane rubber application late, but the increasing market demand, because it has a simple process, mechanical performance is better than that of natural rubber, oil and fuel resistance is higher than or hydrogenated nitrile butadiene nitrile butadiene rubber, air tightness and butyl rubber, good low temperature resistance, - 40℃) Can be comparable to chlorohydrin rubber.

a: raw glue into the
mixing type polyurethane rubber synthesis is based on the reaction. By polyurethane and polyether and its equivalent form polymer isocyanate resin copolymer. In synthetic reaction through adjusting the equivalent ratio or ingredients than raw rubber Mooney viscosity was different. According to the dibasic alcohol and isocyanate fat or the type of chain extension agent, physical performance or sulfide system can be obtained from different mixing type polyurethane rubber. We adopted by the mixed type polyurethane rubber raw rubber in polyester or polyether with toluene 2 isocyanate resin ( TDI) ,α- Allyl ether copolymer made from glycerol, because in the side chain of polymer molecules into the unsaturated double bond. So not only can use peroxide, isocyanate resin crosslinking, still can use sulphur vulcanization and ordinary rubber processing method can be applied.

2: vulcanizates performance:

1. Mechanical properties: as the mixed type polyurethane rubber products with unique performance, its tensile strength, stretch stress and elongation and abrasion resistance are very good. ( See our product display - - Hardware plastic bags products)

  2. Temperature: if the hot air aging performance judgment, with peroxide crosslinking of heat-resistant temperature of 125 ℃. Sulphur crosslinking is 100 ℃. Isocyanate resin crosslinking is 70 ℃. Mixed type polyurethane rubber, glass transition temperature is about - 30℃。 Brittleness temperature is about - 70℃。
3。 Air tightness: mixed type air tightness and butyl rubber, polyurethane rubber with peroxide crosslinking air tightness is best.

oil resistance: mixed type polyurethane rubber has excellent oil resistance, tested, insoluble in ASTM1 # and 2 # oil rise, even if the polyurethane rubber in close to its highest use temperature strong dissolving rose ASTM3 # oil change.
mixing type polyurethane rubber in gasoline, diesel oil swelling, when chloride and aromatic solvents is stable.

3: polyether type mixing adhesive performance:

polyester type mixing rubber: even under high hardness has excellent mechanical properties, including high elongation at failure and resilience, excellent tear resistance and low abrasion. Peroxide crosslinking also has a good compression set, oil resistant, resistant to the use of fuel properties and wide temperature range, - 40℃~125℃) 。

  2. Polyether type mixing rubber: generally speaking, polyether type mixing glue of acid, alkali and water have higher stability, at the same time has high mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance. Use the temperature for ( - 40℃~100℃) 。

4: cooperates: rubber mixing type polyurethane rubber and other rubber basic similar. In order to improve the hardness can be added to a hard agent can obtain high hardness polyurethane elastomers, adding carbon black or white carbon black can be obtained in hardness polyurethane elastomer, add plasticizer ( In the phthalate butyl ester, etc. ) Low hardness polyurethane elastomer can be obtained, mixed gum to be parked for a period of time, to return before vulcanization. Can click here to read: polyurethane rubber with requirements and use what

5: application of mixed type polyurethane rubber is widely used in automobile industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, textile industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy, etc. Typical applications have seals, shock absorption, adhesive tape, rubber roller, o-ring. Pump stator, ceramic mould, cable sheath, sandblast hose.

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