Mixing process, rounding _ silicone rubber processing technology in the mixing process of the most common technology

by:TaiHai     2020-09-30

mixing refers to all kinds of chelating agent in rubber mixing machine mixing evenly to the process of raw rubber, silicone rubber processing technology is one of the most common technology of mixing process. Rubber belt you know it.

the importance of the mixing process:

mixing quality for further processing of the rubber and the quality of the finished product has a decisive influence, even good sizing formula, mixing is bad, if also can appear uneven compound dispersed, rubber plastic through high or low, easy to scorch, spray frost, etc. , make the calendering, extruding, coating and curing process can not be normal, but also to cause a decline in product performance.

mixing method usually divided into mixing machine mixing and mixer mixing two kinds. The two methods are batch mixing, this is by far the most widespread method.

mixing machine mixing process is divided into three stages:

package roll ( Join the raw rubber softening stage)

eat powder ( Add powder mixed phase)

double chains ( After eating powder raw rubber and compound achieves evenly dispersed phase) 。 Mixing machine, rubber mixing in rubber type, use, performance requirements are different, different process conditions.

mixing, attention should be paid to add glue content in sequence, roller spacing, roller temperature, mixing time, roller speed and speed ratio and other factors. Neither insufficient mixing, and not before. Mixer mixing can be divided into three phases, namely the moist, dispersion and refined, banbury mixer mixing was conducted under high temperature and pressure. Operating methods generally fall into a mixing method and mixing method of two pieces.

mixing is often seen in two ways:
a mixed method refers to a complete end spacing refining machine mixing, and then the method of mixing rubber pelleting, he used throughout natural rubber or mixed with synthetic rubber is not more than 50% of the rubber, in a mixed operations, often by using partial loading step by step, to make the rubber not sharp rise, generally USES the low speed mixer, also can use double speed mixer, join the sulfur temperature must be lower than 100 ℃. The charging order for rubber - Small material - Reinforcing agent - Filler - Oil softener - Discharge - Cooling - Sulfur and accelerator.

mixing method refers to two twice by mixer made of mixing rubber mixing tabletting method. This method applies to more than 50% of the rubber, synthetic rubber content in the process of mixing method can avoid a mixing time is long, the disadvantage of high temperature rubber. First phase mixing method, mixing with a sulfide and active but big promoter, a mixed after the lower cooling, parking a certain amount of time, and then mixed in the second paragraph. The back mixing evenly expect tableting machine plus vulcanizing agent, turned lower after refining. Mixing method of piecewise shorter mixing time, every time, mixing temperature is low, compound dispersed more uniform, high quality rubber.

above is about mixing process, hope you have a deeper understanding of mixing technology, choose the silicone rubber products factory in guangdong area preferred shenzhen plant 10 old factory professional and more efficient.

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