Medical organic silicone products

by:TaiHai     2020-08-20

medical supplies medical organic silicone products used for bacteria resistant, easy to disinfect medical organic silicone products. They will not react with other materials, also won't stimulate the body. In the external, internal and intravenous use medical organic silicone products won't produce undesirable by-products or cause an allergic reaction.

the local administration of medical organic silicone products to soften and smooth, thus can be used under the condition of without leaving grease residue, and helps to form a seal, so as to protect the wound in the healing process.

some medical equipment in the silicone tube ( Such as drug delivery system or cardiac pacemaker) Helps reduce the risk of infection. Medical type lubricant organic silicone products can be easily inserted needle and device.

the consistency of medical organic silicone products can be the most close to the skin, and provide excellent safety and comfort for patients.

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