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Liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Advantages of LSR and the difference between RTV and HTV

by:TaiHai     2020-09-28

liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Appeared in the 1990 s, its molecular weight between RTV and HTV, process performance and operation characteristics are better than before, both for RTV and HTV silicone rubber producers is in use by the faults developed.

LSR for two-component rubber, with platinum catalyst sulfide, internal did not add the aluminum hydroxide. When production will be silicone rubber by glue pump barrel, after static mixing machine mixing, direct injection mold vulcanization molding. For LSR sulfide is addition reaction, no small molecular products, without secondary sulfide.

LSR compared with RTV and HTV, basically has the following advantages:

with platinum catalyst, directly to polymer composite structure in the LSR component, two components mix after LSR, such as temperature of arriving at the reaction temperature, the platinum catalyst is activated, make LSR crosslinking curing. Does not produce any waste.

without adding aluminum powder, the resistance to tracking parameters can reach 1 a4. Level 5.

, performance stability, hydrophobic and hydrophobic migration by outside factors ( Ash dense, high and low temperature, ph, etc. ) Less affected. Especially in the low temperature to 10 ℃ and after 48 h, still have very good hydrophobic nature.

, low viscosity, good fluidity, good for making large outdoor insulator.

· through reliable joint section, and metal and other organic insulation crosslinking, can achieve very high bonding strength. And it is molecules crosslink, not ordinary adhesive. Have very excellent interface features.

can see from the graph LSR only in the elongation at break, volume resistivity, breakdown strength, dielectric loss than the HTV parameters such as slightly tall, can not see the performance of LSR obvious advantage. We need the table of individual parameters here make a concrete analysis:

(1) resistance to tracking: two kinds of silicone rubber 1 a4. 5 kv, but LSR is under the condition of without any additives, cellophane tape can be achieved. But need to add a certain proportion of ATH (HTV> 50%) Can achieve 1 a4. 5 kv or to smaller erosion.

2) hydrophobic and hydrophobic recovery: LSR is very good, and very stable. HTV initial is better, in the late fall quickly. The main reason is to add too much of ATH, belongs to the inorganic additives, poor compatibility with silicone rubber; ATH exhalation after long-term operation, mechanical properties, electrical properties of HTV have dropped sharply. This is also the domestic experts study silicone rubber pollution flashover resistance ability is not main reason is higher than porcelain jacket.

3. Weather: LSR is very good, and very stable, because of its high content of silicon rubber. The HTV is poor, because of its silicone rubber content lower than 50%.

adopt silicon rubber, as external insulation, mainly on the hydrophobic and hydrophobic recovery, tracking resistance and weatherability, from the above three items data shows that LSR in resistance to pollution flashover and electric erosion is significantly higher than that of HTV.

that is related to liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Relevant arrangement, hope everyone to liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Have a deeper understanding of, choose the silicone products manufacturer in shenzhen, shenzhen area can consider 10 old rubber products factory factory professional and more efficient.


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