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Lighting Waterproof Silicone Rings


Lighting Waterproof Silicone Rings introducing foreign advanced foaming technology, foaming even, density can be 0.2 0.85 g/cm3, product quality of a material soft, elasticres ilience, stretching force strong, long service life, high temperature deformation can 350 degrees.

Widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, mechanical seal in the car industry and so on. If can do electronic devices, the circuit board of heat baked gasket, textile dyeing machine heat-resistant gasket, food baking gasket, ground mat, mechanical heat insulation cushion etc.

Solid and electrical according to requirements seal level design processing. We can according to your request custom make any size. Foshan Taihai rubber&plastic Co., ltd. specializing in the production of conductive rubber gasket, foaming silicone tube, Lighting Waterproof Silicone Rings,silica gel sponge tube, silicone rubber casing, thermal insulation silicone tube, foaming silica gel sealing strip, oven sealing strip, high temperature resistant foaming self-adhesive sealing strip, high temperature sponge tape, foam silica gel, mechanical equipment sealing strip, silicone rubber tape, conductive rubber, silicon rubber sealing ring, o-rings o-rings, silica gel foam board, purification equipment sealing strip, filter sealing strip, sponge tape, EPDM compound sealing strip, EPDM foaming self adhesive sealing strip, conductive sealing strip, conductive rubber shielding sealing strip, electromagnetic shielding sealing strip, high temperature resistant silicone foam board, baking heating silica gel foam pad, EPDM, sealing strip, high temperature resistant silicone sealing strip, automotive sealing strip, waterproof conductive sealing strip, coating conductive fabric sealing strip, electromagnetic shielding sealing strip, ptfe sealing strip/belt, the foam sealing strip, polyurethane glue foam sealing strip, pu dispensing foam sealing strip, bulky ptfe sealing tape, high temperature resistant elastic rubber gasket, silica gel sponge, silicone insulation resistance to heat seal, silicone sponge sealing strip, dynamic car sealing strip, plane sealing, bonding seal, foaming silica gel, high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing strip, rubber mat, foaming silicone tube, FDA silica gel foam tube, food grade high temperature resistant foaming silicon rubber hose, etc. Series of rubber products.

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