Introduction to the development of silicone industry

by:TaiHai     2020-07-26

from the 18th century, began to invent silicone rubber now silicone industry booming, silicon industry has experienced from scratch, simple to the complex process. Silicone manufacturers also have sprung up, now has developed abroad not only established firms for many years, emerging domestic enterprises are also springing up. The classification of the silica gel is according to the different ways have different classification, scope of application is only used in aviation, military fields from the beginning, is now widely used in electrical products, textiles, automobile, machinery, paper and leather, metal, paint, pharmaceutical and medical, form a complete set of electrical appliances, electronics, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sports goods, acoustics, lighting, machinery, automobile and other industries. Silica gel products is also more and more closely with our life, work together.

the silicone industry in China is developing more rapidly, until in the use of silicone will break through 2014 to hundreds of tons. In applications on mobile phone sets of silicone products, because the mobile phone constantly update, the corresponding following and update soon, so demand for silica gel is also relatively large. In the European and American countries, the silicone is widely used in kitchen utensils and appliances, because of its non-toxic harmless, the characteristics of environmental protection. Throughout the domestic silicone factory, the production of the product quality the good and bad are intermingled, mostly in the low-end products, lack of innovation and design, mainly to produce products by imitation. A lot of factory production environment is uneven, and there are a lot of production or in the cottage industry. This may cause the domestic silicone products in the international high-end product competitiveness is not strong. After the development of silicone products will be more and more mature, the future development will be increasingly differentiation, high-end. The lack of domestic companies in high-end products is the place where we need to make up for, especially on medical silica gel products, basic monopoly by foreign companies.

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