Insulating silicone tube USES and insulating silicone tube

by:TaiHai     2020-08-20

insulating silicone tube use:

common used for electrical insulation silicone tube inside due to the input voltage of high temperature wire, cable and case, plays a role of fire prevention, insulation and so on, can also be used for furniture, and household, machinery, electronics, hardware and other industries.

insulating silicone tube:

1. Insulating silicone tube wear-resistant, compressive strength, ageing resistance;

  2. The insulation resistance of silicone tube voltage, environmentally friendly and safe;

  3. Continuous high temperature fire prevention, high temperature resistant, waterproof, 0 ~ 300 degrees;

  4. Used outdoors for a long time do not fade, no crack, long flexibility is very good.

  5. True color, smooth surface, high transparency;

  6. High and low temperature resistance, avirulent environmental protection, no smell;

  7. High strength, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance;

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