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How was washing machine mounted on the door of the rubber sealing ring out of the mold?

by:TaiHai     2020-08-22

how was washing machine mounted on the door of the rubber sealing ring out of the mold? With the passage of time, this kind of mould to form in the rubber seal on the door. I now every time after washing to dry water from the fold, but will still be the accumulation of black mould. Machines and clothing has come from the smell of mold.

any exposed to constant humidity rubber seals have the risk of mold. For obvious reasons, the victims of the washing machine is a common. If not eliminate, the mould will produce odor and transferred to the clothes in the washing process. Unload the mold may need some work, but can be done. Get off after the mold, please refer to our other tips about how to prevent mold back. Before using the bleaching method below, please check your user manual, to ensure that the gasket can be resistant to bleach.

you will need:

bleach or white vinegar,

spray bottle

soft cloth

plastic gloves

dismantled mold steps:

the first to use hot water washing and bleaching agent for normal cycle. The quantity of bleach depends on the size of the washing machine. Using the appropriate amount of laundry at a time. If you can't use bleach, vinegar can be used in its place. Use a glass of vinegar is suitable for heavy load. Do not use bleach and vinegar, at the same time, because this combination will produce toxic fumes.

to use the spray, mix a bleach and four of the water in a spray bottle, or mixed in a spray bottle the same amount of white vinegar and water.

using a spray bottle to spray and wipe the rubber seal on any remaining mold area. Gently pull/push it to enter into water and can form the mold can grow grooves. Wear rubber gloves to protect hands from the damage of bleach.

with a soft cloth to wipe clean area.

if the mould stubborn, please put bleach/water mixture in this area for a few minutes, then wipe clean.

with water spray and use clean cloth to wipe.

consult your rubber products for more details

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