How to choose the thermal conductive silicone

by:TaiHai     2020-07-22

one of the strengths of the thermal conductive silicone piece of its advantages is usually material is more soft, better flexibility, another is one of his performance is good, the performance of the thermal conductivity is one of the best, and is one of its thickness range can be adjusted, very suitable for the filling cavity, very natural viscous, operational performance, and maintainability.
select thermal conductive silicone piece's main advantage is that it's a cut surface, interface and radiators contact thermal resistance, thermal conductivity silica gel can be well used as filler.

what kind of thermal conductive silicone is high quality?
1。 Coefficient of thermal conductivity
refers to the steady heat transfer conditions, 1 m thick material, on both sides of the surface temperature of 1 degrees ( K,℃) In 1 hour, by 1 square meter area of heat transfer, the unit is w/m · degrees ( W/( m·K) , here for K can be substituted for ℃) 。 Silicone piece of coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity is higher, it will be the efficiency of electronic components on the heat conduction to the radiator of the faster, the heat conduction effect is better.
2。 Hardness choose
thermal conductivity material hardness is generally measured in shaw, hardness testing principle is the regulation of diamond punch from the height of the fixed falls on the surface of the specimen, the punch up a certain height, will bounce height and the ratio of the drop height is used to calculate shaw hardness. Thermal conductive silicone smaller tablet hardness, feel soft, have certain ductility, can better fit component interface cracks, achieve more ideal effect of heat transfer; If the silicone piece of hardness is too high, can't effectively fill the gap, for the efficiency of the heat flow through there will be a decrease. But, indicates the smaller the effect of thermal conductivity, the better hardness, thermal conductivity silica gel hardness is too low, will appear in the process of product installation torn deformation, and so on and so forth. In order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, some powerful experienced producers, such as, theo timothy, on the premise of meet the demand of thermal conductivity, the thermal conductive silicone reinforcing treatment, so as to enhance the toughness of the silicon sheet.
3。 Thickness choose
the silicone material have a certain compression resistance, can enhance the silicone piece by compression joint degree effectively reduce heat transfer distance. The thickness of the silicon sheet choice, according to the components of the concrete.

4。 Proportion of the size of heat preservation and heat insulation material porosity are usually high, relatively, the proportion of them is low; As the thermal conductivity material silicon sheet, on the contrary, the greater the porosity for heat transfer properties of thermal conductive materials will be discounted.

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