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How about neoprene | neoprene purposes have

by:TaiHai     2020-08-11

recently for everyone to do something about all kinds of silicone rubber and rubber is introduced, the following is about how neoprene neoprene and USES are introduced.

neoprene is composed of chloroprene via emulsion polymerization.

how about neoprene, let us look at will know that the neoprene performance summary:

1. Raw materials for rubber storage stability is poor, to increase hard occur in the process of storage. Cold resistance is not good.

  2. Because influenced by crystallization, high adhesive strength, similar to natural rubber.

  3. Good weather resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance, solvent resistance.

  4. Good chemical resistance and excellent flame resistance.

  5. Has the good adhesion properties.

  6. Relative density is big, generally in 1. 23, under the same volume, the amount is bigger than common rubber.

  7. Compared with other special rubber, there are differences between the individual performance, but the overall balance is good,

8 soluble in benzene and carbon tetrachloride.

note: neoprene generally fit requirement: mixing adhesive when temperature is higher, should add filler as soon as possible, in order to achieve good dispersion and mixing capacity than the natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber. Sulfur adjust plastic solution, sulfide is fast, easy to glue to burn. Must be sulfur external regulation model solution, sulfide, slow processing safety, vulcanization accelerator to processing. Promote the meter generally with thiourea,

neoprene purpose:

it is mainly used for oil products, all kinds of rubber hose, tape, especially the heat resistant conveyor belt, oil resistance. Aircraft parts, adhesives and coatings, also used for cable sheath.

more about neoprene is introduced for reference only, specific to rubber products can be in touch with rubber.

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