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Hot and characteristics of silicone car mat effect

by:TaiHai     2020-08-15

hot and characteristics of silicone car mat effect

more recently with CCTV in TV models have carcinogens, silicone car mat is more and more fire, why silicone car mat today and you talk about security environmental protection.

silicone car MATS to detonate health car act the role ofing new trend

with CCTV 'luxury car smell' investigations revealed Beijing Benz, brilliance BMW and faw audi models related to alleged contain carcinogenic substance use

, the drivers of the car pollution growing emphasis, silicone pads also with the character of 'health', 'environmental protection' to be the broad masses of consumers, tipping the healthy

kang car act the role of the new trend.

in-car air pollution lead attaches great importance to the healthy environmental protection car act the role of popular

in the world, in-car air pollution is not fresh topic, many years ago, the car pollution in the United States has been listed as 'the five crisis of human health

to harm'. With the widespread use of cars in China, the case of in-car air pollution, especially the 'toxic' Mercedes events such as exposure,

aroused people's wide attention.

there are three main sources of air pollution in the car, the first is the new car the car accessories, such as seats, seat cushion, floor mat, seat cover and seat

fabrics, etc. ; The second pollution sources is car interiors, such as the car floor, door plate, car roof lining, curtains, etc. ; The third source is the production of

the use of paint, paint thinner, and sticking with glue, etc. Inferior auto supplies not only can make the person poisoning symptoms such as headache, fatigue, yan

may also cause cancer.

in recent years, after in addition to buy the new car, many owners will buy bamboo charcoal package to remove peculiar smell inside the car, such as a large part of the owners in the choose and buy

the things such as car interior also began to pay attention to health and environmental protection, take the initiative to improve the interior air environment. Many consumers began to focus on the health

kang is harmless and high temperature resistant, cold resistant 'silicone car products, completely different from the old plastic car act the role ofing, contains no plasticizer, silica gel products such as silica gel

plastic wrap, silicone crisper, became a best-selling products such as silica gel drinking cup, detonate auto supplies health fashion the new trend.

zero - formaldehyde silicone car act the role of leading the act the role ofing new fashion

the main composition of silica gel is silicon dioxide, chemical stability, non-toxic, its chemical components and physical structure, determines it has many other

the similar materials difficult to replace features: high adsorption properties, thermal stability, chemical stability, has high mechanical strength, etc. Silicone car decorated with

very strong adsorption capacity, drying effect on a person's skin. Silica gel adsorption water, can use insolate, roasting, air drying methods such as regeneration.

the greatest benefit of silicone car act the role ofing is can be recycled and will not cause secondary pollution.

silica gel of the functions and characteristics of the mat

1, the new type of sticky mat from everyday items inside the car can be put on it, is not easy to fall in the process of rubber seal motor sport, negative

ion from stick to any smooth surface inside the car, not cause NianJiaoWu. And the color is the same as the car. All the products are widely used in daily life fields


2, performance characteristics, Refers to the silicone rubber sealing strip physical aspects of raw material) : the use of imported high-grade silica gel ( silicon) Raw material with silica gel

excellent high and low temperature resistance, temperature range ( - 100℃~300℃) , non-toxic tasteless, good transparency, high strength, excellent raw

medical performance, can be embedded in the body, with special surface properties, low surface tension, excellent hydrophobicity, with air permeability, can do fresh material

material, excellent aging resistance, and the unmatched insulation and so on.

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