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Home flavor.Joy cycling


On January 1st, 2019, on the first day of the New Year when everything was renewed and revived, the office of the directors and the human resources committee prepared a Home flavor.Joy  cycling activity for all employees, so that they could relax themselves outdoors after work.

The rainy day, cold wind hit, even with the expected bright weather is very different, but still did not affect the staff.At noon, the bus left the factory and arrived at xianlu island park.After arriving, everyone worked together, washing dishes, making fire, cooking and barbecuing.Families from different region, each with their own unique ideas, have created a dish of their own hometown. Everyone can try the characteristics of different places.After the barbecue, everyone went to participate in the cycling competition.Competition tension and excitement, not only let everyone relax, but also feel the local scenery.

Through this activity, not only let employees breathe the fresh air in nature, enhance the feelings between employees, more important is to enhance the cohesion of the company, show the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, carry forward the family culture, harvest happiness, add color to our work and life.

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