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Heat preservation box of silicone seal how implantation and daily cleaning

by:TaiHai     2020-08-16

how heat preservation box of silicone seal implantation and daily cleaning

heat preservation box is one of the most important accessories silicone seal, he have the effect of heat preservation, if put bad insulation box, there is no heat preservation effect, so, today to tell you how to make the silicone seal ring implantation and daily cleaning.

heat preservation box of silicone seal placed

you see usually heat preservation box of silicone seal, are placed in the heat preservation box of small and medium-sized box groove, in order to achieve sealing, thermal insulation effect, there are few placed on the outside of the box. I heat preservation box of silicone seal, happened to be in small box outside, contact with the entire heat preservation box, implantation, whether can achieve the effect of the sealing ring seal?

in fact, the heat preservation box of silicone seal placement, and other lunch box, cup sealing ring implantation is a principle, to achieve the effect of sealing, thermal insulation, silicone seals placed in the small box outside contact with the entire heat preservation box, is essentially the entire heat preservation box sealing, rather than a single small box, this placement, can make whole heat preservation box to achieve better heat preservation effect.

this heat preservation box of silicone seal placed another advantage is that the heat preservation box of internal cleaner, long service life. Because the silicone sealing ring seal the entire heat preservation box, equivalent to the outside world fine dust in external thermal insulation box, and silica gel seal only placed in the small box, the entire heat preservation box is not protected, internal dust easily, so need often clean, heat preservation box water cleaning, often lost original heat preservation effect, over time, just need to change the new heat preservation box to replace.

crisper silicone seal daily cleaning method

preservation box because of its convenience in our daily life more and more attention by the public, especially office white-collar gens, take office meal became a kind of fashion, so preservation box cleaning is very important, especially in the crisper silicone seal. Preservation box sealing ring slot holes located at fresh lifted the lid, under normal circumstances it will be very hard to clean, long before the remaining food spoilage can easily produce peculiar smell. And lunch box silicone seal, such as glass, silica gel seal face such a problem, so how to wash thoroughly? Cleaning the silicone seal best way is to take it out with detergent thoroughly clean, but if bonding mouth weak down when you will be very easy to pick off or silica gel seal deformation is hard to fully back slot holes, so choose bond strong resistance to tear preservation box, lunch box, water cup everyday items such as silicone seal is very important. Based on this kind of market demand, our company technical engineer, after repeated practice research, finally developed the high tear, high tensile silica gel seal, after test, can withstand the tension of the 20 kg, so completely need not worry will pick off when take off, at the same time, our company production of preservation box, lunch box sealing ring, such as glass sealing ring silica gel products are imported silica gel for raw materials, main characteristic is the high environmental protection non-toxic tasteless, sealed performance is good, super soft resilience is wonderful, after a strong tension will be back in time, so you don't have to worry about more seal will seal waterproof properties caused by the larger bad results. Provide consumers with low carbon environmental protection silicone products is my the common goal of all jia jie person, we will have been trying to, is dedicated to research and development of new products, now has successfully developed many silicone products, such as preservation box silica gel seal, food-grade silicone seal, etc. ,

this is a little bit about how heat preservation box of silicone seal implantation and daily cleaning, hope can be in daily use can help to you, welcome custom silicone sealing ring, price concessions, quality assurance,

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