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Hardware plastic bags of process sequence classification _ _ hardware plastic bags hardware plastic bags offset bad solution

by:TaiHai     2020-09-26

how silica gel combined with other materials, such as add color K in double color products, and hardware or nylon material are quite different, there are always different in material performance, general silicone coating technology used for some internal structure need to be hard, external need soft products, such as silicone spoon, silicone bowl, silica gel plate, etc.

today, we can be divided into two kinds, the hardware package of rubber is a kind of inner coating of metal parts, the other is a coated metal parts, the inner layer rubber is wrapped all the silica gel inside, ensure no leakage, no deviation, not moving, external coating is mainly not offset, don't fall off, the connection is firm.

hardware plastic bags of process steps:

1. In general, organic silicon and closely tied to the hardware is the best way on the outside of the hardware metal coated with a special glue.

2, after heating drying, forming and vulcanization into the silica gel inside, forming internal won't appear the deviation and the sloshing phenomena.

3. In general, as long as the hardware is not small, and wrapped in silica gel inside a certain space, will not appear on either side of the silica gel shift sloshing phenomenon.

4. Due to the production of products the demand is higher, offset printing tolerance is small, not easy to control, therefore organic silicon products manufacturers in the deviation in the process of coating often is very big, so from the mold, mechanical, material, etc to find the best way to solve the problem.

solve the silicone product manufacturer to offset bad problems in the process of coating;

silicone one, in the production of hardware products, on the one hand, to pay attention to the deviation of spilling hardware, on the other hand, should pay attention to whether silica gel inside the firm.

2. At the same time, the silica gel parts in machining process control is bad, if belong to the hardware circle, also need to pay attention to the phenomenon of sliding inside, sliding inside will lead to deformation of silicone parts, easy to Pierce the entire product, so choose viscose hardware is very important.

3. Hardware and silicone looks be like simple, but the difficulty coefficient is big, generally smaller products, production would not be very good control, generally speaking, molding process to grasp well, can be competent for all kinds of craft!

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