Glue production process of keystrokes

by:TaiHai     2020-08-04

the production process of silicone buttons generally have the following procedures:

a, rubber mixing preparation: including rubber mixing, color color, weight of raw material, etc.

2, processing: using high pressure curing equipment after high temperature vulcanization, make the silicone raw materials into a solid shape.

3, down side: take off out of the mould of the silicone products will be jointly and severally useless burrs, Chad, will need to be removed; At present, in the industry, this process is completely done by hand, some factories also useful punch.

4, silk-screen printing, this process is only used in some surface patterned silicone keyboard, such as English letters and Arabic numerals, silicone keyboard keys for convenience operation, often need to screen printing in the corresponding position with mobile phone keyboard corresponding characters.

5, surface treatment, surface treatment including using air gun dust removal.

6, fuel injection, silicone keyboard in ordinary state easy adsorption of dust in the air, and has a certain viscosity. In the silicone button surface spray a thin layer of oil, handle both can prevent dust and can make the feel is guaranteed.

: seven, according to the requirements of glue, laser carving, optimization of packing and so on.

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