Gifts of silicone wrist band glue process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-02

rubber silicone wrist band technology drops rubber wrist band is also a kind of silicone wrist band, it mainly silicone raw materials processing and production. In the process of production, its LOGO surface by artificial manual glue or the use of automatic dispensing equipment using epoxy resin material dispensing. Characteristics of rubber silicone wrist band drops rubber silicone wrist band is as a kind of fashion products, as a result of the silica gel as the raw material of environmental protection, its advantage: environmental protection fashion, non-toxic does not stimulate the skin, good flexibility and expansibility.

in the design of appearance, its surface is embossed LOGO or concave and convex, rich colors, LOGO or personality combined with the present all kinds of fashion elements. Glue silicone wrist band used for various casino and can be as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items. Low cost, high benefit of advertising. On the surface of the wrist band pattern or LOGO can convey business information, personal positive energy and the values of the company.

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