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Function and advantages of conductive silicone rubber products

by:TaiHai     2020-10-03

conductive silicone is the more extensive use of a class of electronic products, it is mostly used in electronic products, buttons, and electrical contacts, conductive seal, and so on, with the continuous development of electronic industry, more and more friends also began to research on the conductive adhesive, its function and role may be in one of their products can get to a certain role, so this simple explanation for everyone about the function and advantage of conductive silicone rubber products!

conductive silicone is silver graphite powder, copper powder, nickel package such as conductive particles uniformly distributed in the silica gel, contact connected to each other through the conductive particles, good electrical conductivity. At present both in military and commercial applications. Its main effect is sealed and electromagnetic shielding, its raw materials with the shape and appearance of the common silicone have met, but have different functions, in the production of silicone products manufacturer which is same as the ordinary silica gel processing way.

conductive silicone products is a kind of mixed with special continuous extrusion of conductive particles or silicone rubber molding. Its hardness is moderate, with high conductivity and moisture seal. Mainly for the paste body black, can improve the insulation, the distribution of electric field shield, reduce the damage of the insulation, ensure the operating life of the cable. Raw materials has good function of electromagnetic seal and water seal, under the certain pressure can provide good conductive sealing and electromagnetic shielding ( Inhibition of frequency 40 GHZ) 。 Electrical conductive black silicone raw materials with high electrical conductivity, low surface resistivity ( 29Ω*cm) , to obtain the very good in sealing and electromagnetic shielding applications.

it's material to produce silicone products main features can achieve superior electrical conductivity, good conductive life can achieve very good life, such as conducting particles in the silicone button is a kind of, at present the common electric power in (on market 0. 5 ~ 2000Ω*厘米) Between, conductive performance is stable; High tensile strength, low shrinkage rate, scratch resistance, high and low temperature resistance, can be in - for a long time 50 to 220 degrees temperature under the conditions of use.

conductive silicone products used in cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories of power tube, plastic stress evacuation and cable plug, keyboard, button at the bottom of the contact with the conductor, such as copy machine roller, wires, when the resistance of conductive silicone volume is less than 10 ohms cm, conductive silicone which has electromagnetic shielding function. Is the volume resistance under 10 ohm cm, mainly used for electromagnetic shielding occasions, also used in the chassis, cabinets, square, such as electronics and power transmission and transformation project system, microwave waveguide connector pad, etc.

conductive silicone it with ordinary silica gel key-press, silica gel products on the production process is generally the same, all is the need to prepare material, molding, printing, spraying, such as technology, and operation method, craft skills and above products exactly the same silicone buttons, a process with is much more conductive silicone buttons, is to join a conductive material, and the conductive material on the edge of molding or dismantle it may appear a little situation, because in the process of conductive silicone or above taps than ordinary silicone products manufacturing.

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