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For the silicone products manufacturer perkin vulcanizing agent mean

by:TaiHai     2020-09-11

perkin vulcanizing agent mainly as plastic extrusion effect of sulfide additives, one of the important function is to ensure that the product would be able to vulcanization molding, is a highly active, high catalytic efficiency of vulcanizing agent, the solid silica gel mixing are added, catalytic Si - with high efficiency Vi and Si H addition reaction, and there would be no side effects. Also has the advantages of good stability, strong resistance to toxic good to avoid the product in the process of storage or use black material production, reduce the influence of nitrogen containing sulfur matter. Silica gel products factory today is mainly about the perkin vulcanizing agent for ordinary consumers and what is the role of the manufacturer.

for consumers perkin vulcanizing agent can bring what ascension:

many consumption masses of silica gel products use for a long time after the product becomes angry, foaming, deformation, the phenomenon such as sticky, understand the most products are daily silicone products, such as mobile phone case is one of them, and many varieties of silica gel protective sleeve on the market, not not and quality of raw material, USES ordinary translucent silicone rubber bumpers are commonly mixed add different adhesive performance all sorts of color of color, caused the product use for a long time appear yellow, color phenomenon, in addition to the material itself and perkin vulcanizing agent.

perkin vulcanizing agent for manufacturers in the production what should pay attention to:

1. In perkin vulcanizing agent of will as far as possible when mixing refined rubber roller temperature keep within 40 degrees, the temperature is too high for taking measures to ensure the temperature, prevent electrostatic is too large, a fire phenomenon.

2. Perkin vulcanizer and the difference between ordinary curing agent curing the product use effect is different, different liquidity, ordinary silica gel in the process of vulcanization time is long, low product flow property, low temperatures will appear product not familiar phenomenon, finished product use for a long time there will be a yellowing phenomenon, and pearl gold vulcanizing agent in the vulcanization process, the time is short, can reduce the temperature, reduce the curing time, guarantee the production, follow-up using products not foaming, deformation, sticky, use for a long time without yellowing phenomenon, there will be no odor problems such as

3. General joined perkin sulfide product can be through the ROHS, FDA, LFGB food grade certification testing, such as for silicone products manufacturer, generally need to add the efficient vulcanization agent

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