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Foam rubber - Foam rubber sponge - Foam rubber sponge stereotypes

by:TaiHai     2020-09-19

what is the foam rubber, foam rubber sponge with what is, how to do foam rubber sponge stereotypes, rubber products factory in shenzhen city to answer them one by one.

what foam rubber is

rubber foam is a pure natural rubber as the main body, cooperate with other raw materials, in particular the foaming agent, after hot press molding products, a new type of rubber foam technology application of an injection molding technology, reduce artificial, cost savings, easy to operate.

foam rubber sponge with what is

sponge rubber is a kind of porous structure material, there are holes in the material. It has low density, good elasticity, flexibility is good, shock absorption, sound insulation, heat preservation performance is good wait for a characteristic. Widely used in sealing, shock absorption, noise elimination, heat preservation, clothing, shoes, household electrical appliances, printing and dyeing, fitness equipment, ion exchange, and other fields.

sponge rubber, rubber sponge porous structure. There are holes, obturator, holes and mixed. Can be made of soft rubber or hard rubber products. Light weight, soft, strong elasticity and heat transfer. It has a shock, shock absorption, insulation, sound insulation, and other functions.

foam rubber sponge stereotypes

the material cotton made of polyurethane materials, through a mixture of foaming agent and other additives, will squeeze agent added to the simple mould heating, can suppress the different shapes of the sponge, it is suitable for the swivel chair of sofa cushion for leaning on, cotton back, also have a small amount of armrest is also made of finalize the design of cotton. When the density of the material is 55/60 #, the elasticity of the material meet the national standards. The elasticity of the sponge hardness can be adjusted according to different parts of the product. General cotton base hardness and density is higher, followed by cotton, cotton pillow is soft.

that is silicone products factory in shenzhen to arrange the foam rubber - Foam rubber sponge, foam rubber sponge stereotypes related content, hope to be of help. Custom silicone products choose silicone products factory in shenzhen.

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