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Fluorine rubber products production process Fluorine rubber products manufacturers

by:TaiHai     2020-09-21

a lot of people don't know fluorine rubber products production process, where I can find a suitable fluorine rubber products manufacturers, rubber products factory take you know about the fluorine rubber products production process flow and manufacturers is introduced.

fluorine rubber products production process

fluorine rubber is a polymer elastomer, in the main chain or side chain of carbon atoms containing fluorine atoms. It has excellent performance, widely applied to the production of special sealing products. It is reported that 50% of the use of fluorine rubber used for rubber sealing products, Japan's application proportion is higher, as high as 80%. Fluorine rubber in our country in this field in the application proportion also unceasingly to enhance.

fluorine rubber blending technology production process

fluorine rubber recipe generally consists of raw rubber, acid absorption agent, curing agent, promoter, reinforcing filler, processing AIDS, etc. Fluorine rubber recipe by raw rubber, acid absorption agent, curing agent, promoter, etc.

raw rubber

domestic fluorine rubber and foreign fluoro rubber performance is basically the same, but different processing performance. Domestic fluorine rubber processing performance is poor, the main reason is that high Mooney viscosity, influence of rubber processing and liquidity.

domestic fluorine rubber 26 VitonA is equivalent to the United States dupont, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber is equivalent to VitonB China. Foreign fluoro rubber raw rubber has joined curing agent, such as the United States 3 m company supply and Japan daikin fluorine rubber. Agent

sulfide is make fluorine rubber to produce a certain degree of crosslinking, make it has good performance. Fluorine rubber vulcanization can be achieved through nucleophilic reagent ion addition mechanism of peroxide or ray as a free radical mechanism.

in order to reduce the compressive deformation of seal products, should choose phenolic compounds as curing agent, such as hydroquinone, bisphenol A, bisphenol A, etc. , and with the corresponding promoter, in order to meet the performance requirements.

in order to solve the problems of corrosion medium, it is recommended to use peroxide vulcanizing fluorine rubber.

acid absorber

acid absorber, also known as stabilizer. To solve the problem of corrosion of hydrogen fluoride fluorine rubber processing process and pollution problems, the vulcanization reaction smoothly, including the Ca ( 哦) 2, MgO style, CaO, ZnO, PbO, phosphite lead, etc. Medication is usually between five copies. Ten copies. They join with their own features: MgO style has good heat resistance, PbO has good acidproof performance, CaO compression deformation is small, is conducive to eliminate air bubbles, zinc oxide and phosphite lead can improve the liquidity of rubber and water resistance; Add Ca in phenol vulcanization system ( 哦) - 2 and active MgO style, obtained the Ca ( 哦) - 2 low compression deformation.

reinforcing filler

self-reinforced fluorine rubber is a kind of rubber. Due to the different performance requirements and use, it is necessary through strengthening and filling system to adjust the system function and cost, to meet the needs of users. Total dose between 10 ~ 30. At present commonly used reinforcing filler spray pyrolysis carbon black, carbon black, silica, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium oxide, carbon fiber, etc.

adopts imported from Canada N 990 or spray carbon black, carbon black in black products won the good processing technology and the corresponding physical properties.

fluorine rubber containing 20 carbon fiber has good liquidity. After processing of sulfide complex shape product, better appearance, surface more smooth than Nx 990 and spraying carbon black. , because of the large carbon fiber rubber coefficient of thermal conductivity is suitable for the use of high-speed movement of rubber parts. It should be noted that the cost of adding carbon fiber is very high, very low elongation.

color fluorine rubber products can use silica, titanium dioxide, calcium fluoride, calcium carbonate, etc. , and can use different paint to get the corresponding rubber. But in the compression sealing products machining, should pay attention to the reasonable matching pigments with high temperature, control of rubber compression deformation value, to adapt the product to the compression work.

processing aid

processing AIDS is a big progress of fluorine rubber processing in recent years. It can improve the fluorine rubber mixing process, prevent burning, improve liquidity and rubber extrusion performance, under the premise that does not affect the performance of rubber, prevent sticky rubber roller and die, and thus improve the fluorine rubber mixing process, prevent burning, improve liquidity and rubber extruder performance. Play the role of external release agent.

in fluorine rubber processing, the fluorine and low molecular weight polyethylene wax, zinc stearate, WS 280, palm wax, and Li, 935 new processing aid, such as the P type for the processing and application of fluorine rubber provides a new method, its content is 1/2.

fluorine rubber products factory

shenzhen rubber products co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, the company is located in the geographic center of shenzhen longhua new district mission street, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, is a professional production of various kinds of silicon ( Rubber) Plastic extrusion/moulded products manufacturers, especially foaming silicone products have an advantage. Support in Japanese and English spoken language communication, if you have any question can be consulting.

the above is the rubber factory in shenzhen to provide relevant fluorine rubber products production process, related contents of fluorine rubber products manufacturers, hope to be of help.

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