Fluorine rubber hose manufacturer

by:TaiHai     2020-08-14

fluorine rubber hose, as a kind of rubber made of synthetic polymer elastomer, he has the special advantage of any of the other rubber which lead to he applied to many fields such as automobiles, machinery and other industries, so many friends ask fluorine rubber hose manufacturer which good, tell you about today.

we must first look at what we want to product is required, so that we can find a suitable professional manufacturers, such as the made of rubber products co. , LTD. , fluorine rubber hose,

the first because of fluorine rubber and generally in the corrosion of high temperature hot oil environment, so in this area must be high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, and to absorb a certain amount of stress.
under the high temperature, this product has a high heat resistance performance, can use for a long time under the high temperature of 260 ℃, under the condition of the high temperature of 320 degrees can also be short-term use, and in this environment, his resistance to aging performance.
the second, the fluorine rubber and chemical corrosion resistance compared to other silica gel is better, the stability of some of the acid and alkali and organic liquid is far higher than that of other rubber, so under these circumstances, the use of fluorine rubber hose, or better,
the third, the flameproof sexual is better, because of fluorine rubber and contact with the fire burning, but after leaving the flame will automatically shut down, so in some fire place, suitable for using this product.
if the fluorine rubber and the colors and specifications of this product have what demand, can go to custom to contact the manufacturer, the price also is not very expensive.

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