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Fire cases caused by unqualified silicone seal

by:TaiHai     2020-09-06

in our daily life often small key auxiliary products, such as a screw, a gasket, a ribs rubber hose, silicone products, the production of the above to take a great effect to industrial production safety, in the past there have been many cases, because of a silicone seal unqualified lead to accidents.

the silicone sealing ring of fire cases caused by unqualified

in the last year in lanzhou petrochemical branch company in the home for a seal products is unqualified, plus the shooter leakage fire detection's incompetence, a large chemical plant in sichuan, liquid ammonia leakage caused accident cause health damage to nearby residents, but also for the performance of the gasket to detect unqualified, stop the alleged accident factory three months factory rectification, think about three months, is not equal to close the door? So any one manufacturer to there is used to seal, to make strict examination, some silicone products manufacturer for industrial sealing products production material and easy-going, so will be strict testing as well.

for the production of silicone products manufacturer revelation:

among manufacturing enterprises in our country, the accidents often is some small and medium-sized enterprises, according to data of large heavy industry development, leading role is often their 80% of the accident, and silica gel seal on the market performance, the price is very transparent, allows these companies to meet. So when the choice, you have to use a serious test seal products are now widely used in various fields, land, sea and air, as long as you have sealed it, wherever they are different kinds of performance of seal products using field also have different places, so the summary point the importance of the sealing technology in the future is near to the forefront of The Times, for each application to the local security, is after the industrial development, the life development of essential tools.

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