Ethylene acrylate rubber and the characteristics of AEM rubber and formula

by:TaiHai     2020-08-09

AEM rubber routine performance: with ACM ( Chlorine - type Acrylate rubber) Compared to increase the scope of its advantages is high and low temperature resistance, good oil resistance, good elasticity, good compression set, processing performance is good, no chlorine
( Do not pollute the mould) 。

applicable temperature ( - 30℃— 190℃) ;

low voltage ( 150℃*70h,10— — 15%) The ACM pressure change of 30 - in general 35.

but the price of AEM FKM close. Properties of FKM and raised, FKM is oil resistant excellent analysing heat resistant products.

use additives: 1, curing agent, promoter DOTG, antiscorching agent C - 18N。

experiment formula:

AEM 100

antiager 445

stearic acid ( sa) 1. 5

release agent within 0. 3

microcrystalline wax 1. 5

paraffin oil 0. 3

18 d 0。 2

  TP- 759 plasticizer

N774 57

DOTG 2. 0

brightener KB - 1 0. 5

a: 3-170 degrees 5 minutes

2:1-170 degrees 2 hours

the above recipe is for reference only, need other rubber formula can be directly contact us.

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