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what is epdm reclaimed rubber, epdm regeneration film what are, epdm reclaimed rubber factory, where to find these problems plagued rookie procurement, today to introduce epdm reclaimed rubber.

what is epdm reclaimed rubber

epdm reclaimed rubber ( R - EPDM) Solid black or color piece, powder. Mainly used for ethylene propylene rubber products, rather than some ethylene propylene rubber, have the effect of lower production cost.

main ingredients for ethylene, propylene and reducing agent, softening oil, calcium carbonate, etc, has good oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, corrosion resistance and the dielectric properties, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform, glacial acetic acid, volatile oil, sodium hydroxide solution, etc.

vulcanizing temperature: 120 ℃ 160 ℃.

scope of application: EPDM reclaimed rubber is widely used in residential construction, wire and cable, automotive industry and other fields. In terms of housing construction, it is mainly used for roof single-layer waterproofing materials, wire and cable, it is mainly used for civil and commercial buildings of input wire, wire, mining cable, power plant electrical wiring, automobile ignition line, control cables and signal cables, etc. In the automotive industry, mainly for cars, trucks, passenger car tires and tire components, including automobile water tank and heating tube, seals, rubber belt, body and chassis parts, stretching, base plate and ring.

epdm reclaimed film what are

ethylene and propylene renewable adhesive products, can be seen everywhere in the car.

at present, the automobile has become one of the most common tool on foot. However, the doors and Windows sealing strip in car and car conduit cannot be separated from ethylene propylene rubber reclaimed rubber, ethylene propylene rubber recycling rubber production car doors and Windows sealing strip has good weather resistance and aging resistance. Winter is not easy to hardening, high temperature in summer is not easy to soften the glue, the price is low, service life is long, good sealing effect; EPDM production automobile pipes mainly include car radiator hose, air hose, sunroof drain, etc. The product is high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance of rubber materials, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to water has a high performance requirements. Epdm production can meet the performance requirements, but it is important to note that according to the vehicle tube wall thickness to choose suitable epdm fineness. Import odourless ethylene propylene rubber can reach more than 80 mesh and is instead of ethylene-propylene rubber in the production of automotive sealing strip and pipe ideal raw material.

2. Of ethylene-propylene rubber recycling products in building engineering

this paper points out that the use of ethylene-propylene rubber reclaimed rubber production of waterproofing materials have excellent physical performance, good waterproof performance and anti-aging performance, service life is long, can guarantee the safety of the project. In addition, the wire and cable used in the construction engineering, water stop, material conveyor belt can be used in the production of EPDM reclaimed rubber, to ensure the quality of EPDM rubber products, reduce raw material costs.

3. Special cases recovery of ethylene propylene rubber products

with ethylene - Acrylic rubber has good weather resistance, ozone resistance and insulation, can replace ethylene propylene rubber raw materials in the production of plastics machinery, printing machinery and leather with rubber roller. The rubber has good weather resistance, ozone resistance and insulation, alternative plastic printing machinery and leather machinery rubber roller raw material in the production of ethylene glycol. In the reasonable formula design, EPDM reclaimed rubber roller can be a temperature range of 65 ~ 140 ℃ below zero long-term work; The EPDM rubber can be used in the production of foam insulation. EPDM reclaimed rubber can not only produce all kinds of foam sealing strip, and also to have certain application space in the field of insulation.

in the use of ethylene propylene rubber production of rubber products, not only can be used alone, also can be blended with epdm production of low cost, good quality ethylene propylene rubber products. At present, the application field of ethylene propylene rubber is not limited to rubber products industry, including rubber - Rubber - plastic blend Plastic modification, such as EPDM and PVC, PA, PP and PE. It is believed that with ethylene - Acrylic acid, continuous improvement of production technology of reclaimed rubber, ethylene glycol reclaimed rubber will also send out light and heat in these fields.

where is the epdm reclaimed rubber manufacturer looking for

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