Environmental protection synthetic rubber is rubber industry development trend

by:TaiHai     2020-10-28

the personage inside course of study points out, with the constant improvement of the environmental requirements, synthetic rubber to the direction of the meridian, flattening and tubeless and developing needs a large number of synthetic rubber. Automotive rubber parts and environment friendly environmental protection product, and high performance-based and functionalization of synthetic rubber varieties is the general trend of development of synthetic rubber industry in China. But only a handful of present domestic synthetic rubber industry production enterprises grasp the environmental protection product production technology.

in addition to the environmentally friendly synthetic rubber, as the world's first major producer of motor vehicles in our country, off sales reached 18 million cars in 2014, some high-grade vehicles, especially high-grade car use high-end synthetic rubber products and sealing materials, the restriction of the domestic materials, technology, etc, still need a lot of imports. Gansu province famous brand automobile 4 s shop maintenance supervisor tells a reporter, constantly improve performance cars and auto parts of environmental temperature rising, development and application of oil resistance and high temperature resistance excellent performance new raw materials become the important topic of domestic automobile rubber parts production industry.

in the preparation of car tyres and accessories, we can find the special synthetic rubber, and with the improving of the auto industry on the rubber performance requirements, special synthetic rubber will be more and more widely used in automotive manufacturing. In addition to the automobile industry, building materials, medical, transportation, electric power, electronic information, military industry and new energy industries are also growing demand for special synthetic rubber products, how this portion of the gap to fill, is the enterprise should be considered.

in lanzhou petrochemical company synthetic rubber factory butyl benzene device engineers li told reporters that compared with the developed countries, China's consumption of synthetic rubber in the proportion is still relatively low, the lack of specialized in synthetic rubber processing and application of research institutions, the new product development lagging behind the market demand for a long time.

'in spite of the current enterprise capacity utilization is low, but in our country every year to import a number of high-end synthetic rubber and special synthetic rubber to meet domestic demand. Automotive rubber parts 'gui-xian li, vice President of the lanzhou university of technology institute of petroleum and chemical, points out that such a practice, synthetic rubber low-end industry in China is a large number of repeat construction, mid-range products, high-end industry a gap.

for example, the attention of the fluorinated rubber. Compared with other analysing, fluorinated rubber heat resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance and drug resistance, mainly used in aerospace, automotive and other transportation. Our country has the inherent advantage in the field of fluorinated rubber - — Fluorite is an important raw material in the production of fluoride rubber. Fluorite reserves, production and exports in China, respectively, the highest in the world, which accounts for more than 50% of global output, hydrofluoric acid, aluminum fluoride fluorine chemical products production accounted for 50% of global production. But there are synthetic rubber market in China demand gap, high-end products rely on imports.

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