Do you know about the silicone products forming the common process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-23

common process of silica gel products molding liquid silicone and the difference between the solid silica gel:

1, the shape of liquid silicone and solid:

( 1) As the name suggests liquid silicone is in liquid state, liquid ( 2) Solid silica gel is a solid, not liquid.

2, liquid silica gel and the use of solid silica gel:

( 1) Liquid silicone commonly used in baby products and kitchen supplies and medical supplies can be direct contact with the food and the body ( 2) Solid silicon generally use the articles for daily use and miscellaneous pieces of industrial and automotive parts, etc. , apply more extensive,

3, solid silica gel and the safety of the liquid silicone:

( 1) Liquid silicone is high transparent high security of food grade material, molding without adding curing agent and other auxiliary materials, sealed feeding forming. ( 2) Solid silica gel is transparent environmental protection material, molding will need to accelerate vulcanization molding time, vulcanization agent feeding open mould molding,

4, liquid silicone and solid silica gel forming method:

( 1) Liquid silicone injection molding liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) : the full name for the injection molding liquid silicon rubber, curing equipment for injection moulding machine.

the injection molding machine has a technological process is very simple, Don't need to be in the process of high temperature glue ingredients, mixing, blanking, material and process, only one of the workers take products) , the products are high precision, All artificial program before molding all replaced by a machine) With high yield ( A/B glue mixing, under A certain temperature for A few seconds to shape) , save, save electricity, save material and so on many advantages, can produce all glue products! Is a mainstream in the development of silicone rubber material in coming years.

( 2) Solid silica gel forming is raw material and a solid shape, and silicone manufacturers through mixing, mixing machine and cutting machine cut into product and mold the right size and thickness, a mold, after pressure molding machine under a certain temperature. Stripping along the lines of the plastic products, also need to clean up the mold and so on.

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