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Die steel - Use the high quality steel blade

by:TaiHai     2020-09-16

mould steel, as the saying goes, use the high quality steel blade. Now popular sayings are still in circulation, so to build the silicone products of high quality requires good steel die steel. Good steel also needs high quality products to match, so choose the die steel in the silicone products industry is also the guarantee of quality!

and understand the world processing center of steel technology has unique characteristics and advantages, such as the hardness of steel. Quenching degree and ductile deformation intensity is different, in our country, make the rubber mold broader, more general steel is more extensive, most can be divided into the medium carbon steel P20 series, the series of P21, H13 series, 420 series, a series of special steel, D1 type, there are many kinds of series, such as D2 and D3, various series have different classification. Different steel grade, of course, different countries use different performance and quality, for the silicone manufacturer, series can be divided into the medium carbon steel for general use. P20450 and other three series,

with carbon steel is the most commonly used mold side, general mold structure is not very complex, the product is simple and routine use of this material, but not this kind of material is the worst. In order to know better than other materials, in normal before and after forming after processing to mold can ensure that more than 1 million times, so you can rest assured to use! But when it comes to high quality of the mould, to achieve high-end products, should choose another material. Different steel possesses the advantages of different, if you need good appearance of your silicone products or bending Angle,

you can select different corresponding materials! P20 series: P20718S, PX88, M238 can be divided into P20718S, PX88, M238, etc. , can be divided into P20718S, PX88, M238, etc. Long service life, is the main characteristic of this material products, the size of the core thin, materials of high purity and good performance, poor solubility polishing, electro discharge machining performance is good, mirror. Appearance, of course, the surface of the mold have nothing to say, of course after quenching hardness is incomparable! Finally, the 420 series of mirror products, one of the S136 and S136H steel can be considered to be almost mirror mirror effect, the hardness of about 290330, and is relatively high, in addition, rust corrosion resistance is very outstanding, the silicon mold shrinkage will be greatly reduced after heat treatment, so this kind of steel can be used to prevent deformation naturally! In addition, the steel also has different effect of different products.

you know steel export countries?

1。 Domestic: A3, S45C, S50C, Cr12, Cr12MoV, 40 cr, 42 crmoii SKS3, SUJ2, copper, aluminum, 5052, 60611, 7075, bronze, copper, chromium - ZrO2, BERYLICUM copper, tungsten steel, Japan: III Nak55, Nak80, DC53, SKD11, SLD, SKD61, FDAC, SKH - 9, HPM504, Sweden: S136, S136H, 71818 h, 61818 h, 618, 8407, DF2, Asp23V, US: P20, 01, D2, H13, M26, Germany: 2311, 2316, 2738, 2510, 2379, 2344, 20837, Australian steel: M238, M202, K406, W302, M310, M300, K100.

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