Conductive adhesive keys is and what his production process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-18

buttons conductive adhesive is and what his production process

conductive adhesive keys, they are widely used in our usual life in some electronic dictionary, remote controls, as well as the POS can see this small conductive adhesive key, then the conductive adhesive keys and what's his production process, rubber took everyone look at today.

conductive adhesive keys?

conductive adhesive keys? Conductive adhesive keys is one of the many electronic product keys, its main effect achieved through conductive adhesive has conductive function buttons, press when the conductive adhesive buttons, so button below conductive rubber can be connected with the following contact electricity, when the conductive adhesive buttons loosen button below the conductive rubber was playing, and connect with the contact below.

conductive adhesive keys to conductive material is a kind of black conductive adhesive agent, when this kind of conductive adhesive agent can join the filler of conductive effect can be achieved conductive function.

the purpose of the conductive adhesive buttons: dictionary key, remote control button, pos machine, scanner key, password, keyboard key, a single point, etc.

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the working process of the conductive adhesive button from design to finished product

buttons conductive adhesive production is based on a product image file to put into production, so the first conductive adhesive keys is the need to have special design personnel design, general silicone button manufacturer will according to the requirements of customers to design and change, designed to the customer after send an image file to the customer to confirm, customer agree to product proofing, then you can also is open mode, general open mold cycle of conductive adhesive buttons - probably within ten days 15 days to complete, the conductive adhesive is to look at the key the whole design and production process is complex, difficult to corresponding period will be longer.

the mould done, hand over to the customer to confirm, after confirm customer satisfaction, can be invested in production of conductive adhesive buttons, silicone raw materials preparation link at this time is a very important link, ready to chat after the mold can be superior to molding the conductive adhesive buttons, produce thousands - according to customers' requirement Hundreds of thousands of products.

should be molding of conductive adhesive buttons and then tested, must strictly check the quality, to sieve out the unqualified product off and then carry on the processing of trimming, after molding, machining trimming because conductive adhesive keys around have burrs, at this moment need artificial to remove these burrs, remove burrs is second after sulfur link, secondary plus sulfur mainly is to stabilize the product size and maintaining the characteristics of the silicone products and remove the peculiar smell of the silica gel products.

the next need to finished product inspection, after packaging, and delivery of keystrokes to truly finished product.

though mild conductive adhesive button is a quality, small volume of products, but its process is very complex, and the product quality inspection alone again 3 way link strictly the quality pass,

I believe you after finishing see will feel this small production so complex conductive buttons, if you want to know about the product figure of conductive buttons and specific product information, you can click on the conductive keys to welcome you all to produce custom conductive silicone buttons

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