Compared with other material commodity silicone material what are the advantages of commodity

by:TaiHai     2020-09-14

we stand out in recent years, the silicone commodities, silicone material used in the continuous proliferation and attention, in the life and the use of silicone rubber products demand also in unceasing increase, this also indicates that it is gradually taken seriously by us, rubber and plastic materials in the early days is pure in security issues, nature has been ignored for our harmful substances, but after years of research and development and refining is not any conflict and environmental health. So for the silicone material of course of the daily necessities of life need attention.

1. Silicone material commodity security

many buyers requirements as living standards over the years with the development of science and technology in the rising of silicone rubber products are strict raw materials, in particular, articles for daily use must need consumer attention and accept to use, for the silicone products factory silicone material can be divided into ordinary, food grade and medical grade, several special silicone, why need to adopt and articles for daily use in the food grade silica gel?

2. Food-grade silicone incomparable advantage

first is basic for non-toxic tasteless, actually use life and property must be outstanding, compared with other ordinary material difference lies in the high temperature deformation, stronger toughness degrees, such as the fall will not bump, but long-term twists and turns, kneading, non-stick oil, long-term place not moldy, color features, it is also a common material and other material can not be compared.

3. Food-grade silicone rubber products compared with other material advantage

food-grade silicone rubber commodity advantage compared with other material or more, because from raw materials to the forming of production demands are high standard, such as environmental protection requirements: silicone raw materials are high transparent high purity test certification through the multiple, REACH, RoHS, CCC, LFGB or FDA. Raw material performance requirements: according to the corresponding color mixing add glue and efficient mixing forming the product of the agent that fight yellow sulfide to reach standard, food-grade silicone molding process requirements: to achieve security of green environmental protection, after the factory production for a production environment health and performance of the machine to make the corresponding adjustment, maintain without impurities, no foreign body, high temperature vulcanization, baking oven, cleaning products, QC are strict. So currently on the market is gradually we found that, food-grade silicone products gradually change our life!

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