Common epdm rubber vulcanization system

by:TaiHai     2020-08-10

epdm in order to achieve better performance of sulfide, including ozone resistance, heat resistance, uv protection, weather resistance and chemical resistance. Because of the epdm ( EPDM) Saturation is low, the complex sulfide system is needed to achieve the desired performance. Below to introduce common epdm rubber vulcanization system:

system 1: sulfur 1. 5; 福美双1。 5; MBT 0。 5; The lower cost of vulcanization system, curing speed, moderate performance is also good. But placed after a period of time easy to bloom.

system 2: sulphur 2. 0; MBT 1。 3; TEDC 0。 8; DPTT 0。 8; 福美双0。 8.
the vulcanization system of physical performance is very good, fast, is not easy to spray frost, but easy to scorch, and relatively high cost.

system 3: sulphur 0. 5; ZDBC 2。 0; 该公司3。 0; DTDM 2。 0; 福美双3。 0;
the vulcanization system of compression permanent deformation and thermal aging. The biggest drawback is easy to spray the frost and the price is high.

system 4: sulphur 2. 0; 主战坦克1。 5; ZBDC 2。 5; 福美双0。 8; The system will not bloom, performance is very good, is more general.

system 5: sulfur 1. 0; ZBPD 2。 0; 福美双1。 0; TBBS 2。 0;
this system curing speed, good physical performance, good compression permanent deformation and heat aging.

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